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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Vision at Main Street Vision

If you are someone who participates in competitive sports, then you know how important it is to be able to see clearly. At Main Street Vision, we are here to help everyone in the Longmont, CO area by providing them with access to an optometrist who is trained in sports vision. There are a few questions that we frequently get asked when it comes to competitive athletics. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Vision

Some of the most common questions we get in our office about sports vision include:

What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is a field in optometry that focuses on helping athletes optimize his or her vision for competitive athletics. These are techniques that are used to elevate someone’s eyesight for the expressed purpose of excelling in the field of competitive athletics.

What is Sports Vision Important?

Today, sports are more competitive than ever before. Sports vision should be viewed as another arena in which an athlete can train to earn a competitive advantage. In sports such as baseball, football, golf, hockey, and others, depth perception, timing, tracking, and judgment are key parts of success. By training these skills, someone is able to improve his or her ability to compete.

Can Someone Improve on 20/20 Vision?

Even for people who have 20/20 vision, there is room to improve. This is a specific marker of someone’s ability to see at a specific distance. Therefore, there are ways that someone can improve on this ability by training the eyes to see well at other distances. This can give someone a major advantage as athletes work with professionals to improve on depth perception, visual processing, and other skills.

What is the Role of Eye Care Professionals in Sports Vision?

The job of an eye care professional is to help someone improve his or her vision to make life easier. This can be done by improving someone’s sports vision as well. An eye professional can evaluate someone’s vision when it comes to sports. Then, certain exercises and routines can be discussed that can be used to improve someone’s ability to track objects, judge movement, and react on the field of play. This is a critical part of competing during sports.

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At Main Street Vision, sports vision is only one of the many ways that we can help patients with their eye health in Longmont, CO. If you would like to learn more about our eye care services, please call us today to schedule an appointment. We would be honored to help you and your family with all of your eye care needs.

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