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Glaucoma Treatment From Main Street Vision

You've probably been checked for glaucoma many times in your life and never even knew it. If you've ever experienced a sudden puff of air blown into your eyeball while the doctor peers inside, you've experienced the most common of glaucoma tests. At Main Street Vision, we test for glaucoma as a part of all comprehensive eyes examinations. In the most common type of glaucoma, the damage can build gradually without causing any symptoms for many months, which is why it's so important to have your eyes examined on a regular basis.

What is Glaucoma?

In normal eyes, fluid pours in and drains out on a regular basis, much like in a swimming pool filter. If the drainage is somehow blocked fluid will build up inside the eyeball, which can damage the optic nerve. As the leading cause of blindness for Americans over 60, glaucoma is more common than many other serious eye diseases, but permanent damage can often be stopped with early diagnosis and treatment.

Risk Factors for the Disease

No one can predict precisely who will develop glaucoma, but there are risk factors that can increase your odds. Some of the most common ones are:

  • People over 40 years of age
  • Farsighted or nearsighted people
  • Those taking steroids long-term
  • People with diabetes, high blood pressure, or migraines
  • Those with a relative who has had glaucoma

Treatment for your Glaucoma Diagnosis

If you've been diagnosed with developing glaucoma, the news isn't all bad. With careful treatment, we can usually slow or stop the development of the disease. The primary treatment today is prescription eye drops. It's crucial that you follow the prescription exactly and use your eye drops exactly when and how often the doctor tells you.

If the medication stops working or doesn't work as well as could be expected, we have surgical options to offer. Different laser surgery techniques can be used to open up the drainage to the eye and allow the fluid to drain out. This will reduce the eye's internal pressure and prevent further damage from occurring. If laser surgery isn't indicated, there are other surgical options to create the same beneficial results.

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Many of our glaucoma patients were surprised by their diagnosis, because the disease can develop so silently, without a sign. The best way to prevent permanent vision damage from glaucoma is with early diagnosis, and that means an annual eye examination after the age of 40. If you haven't had your eyes checked in at least a year, make an appointment now. Give us a call at (303) 651-6700, and we'll schedule an examination today.

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