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If you had to write a list of the most precious things you want to hang onto for as long as possible, would your eyesight be near the top of that list? Most of us would do just about anything to maintain our vision for many years to come. Comprehensive eye and vision exams are a simple, effective preventative strategy to help you achieve that goal -- which is why we're proud to offer them here at Main Street Vision Care in Longmont CO.

Every Eye and Vision Exam Matters

It's all too easy to skip this or that scheduled eye and vision exam on the grounds you think you're seeing just fine. Even if your vision is all it could be (which may not actually be the case), your eyes need regular attention because of the many potential diseases and diseases that can affect them. Issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can do irreversible damage long before you become aware of any loss of vision. You must get those disorders under control as early possible -- which means diagnosing them as early as possible. Comprehensive eye exams, which inspect both the inside and the outside of the eye, are the only tried-and-true means of doing that.

What to Expect at Our Longmont CO Clinic

Our optometrist, Dr. Trudell, administers comprehensive eye exams to children, working-age adults, and seniors. Children receive three major exams early in life. From that point forward, we will recommend an eye exam every other year, or every year if you're contending with an eye or vision problem. Seniors need an exam every year because they're at greater risk for serious eye diseases. A typical eye exam may include:

  • Eye health exams - Our optometrist will dilate your pupils to look at your retinas, optic nerves and other interior structures. The front of the eye is examined with a device called a slit lamp. Measurements of your eye pressure can reveal potential glaucoma.
  • Vision testing - Refractive testing gives us a basic idea of how well your eyes are refracting incoming light. By examining your visual acuity at various distances (using an eye chart), we can observe exactly how strongly your vision may be impaired.
  • Eye function testing - We use sophisticated, painless testing methods to check your eyes' focusing, teaming and tracking capabilities. We can also evaluate your color perception, depth perception, and visual processing skills.

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