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Contact lenses have made a remarkable transformation since the earliest glass models fabricated in the late 19th Century. These small, lightweight visual aids now feature space-age lightweight materials and come in a variety of sizes and forms -- including specialized contacts for those "hard to fit" eyes. If you want to experience the comfortable, convenient vision correction the right pair of contacts can provide, then you need to get your contacts here at Main Street Vision Care in Longmont CO.

The Amazing World of Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses can address practically any vision need or lifestyle preference. For instance, some contacts can be worn for up to 30 days at a time, while others must be replaced daily (which many people actually prefer). Contacts also feature a variety of materials, each with its own strengths. You may already be familiar with the notion of "soft contacts." These flexible plastic lenses emphasize comfort while also offering good correction for uncomplicated vision prescriptions. But if you have a stronger vision prescription, or a complex issue such as presbyopia, you may need rigid gas permeable contacts instead.

Some contacts are structured to address specific "hard to fit" conditions. Examples include:

  • Toric contacts - These contacts are shaped and weighted so they won't shift their position on the eye, a valuable advantage for correcting astigmatism.
  • Multifocal contacts - These contacts work like bifocal, trifocal, or progressive eyeglasses, correcting your vision at multiple distance levels.
  • Scleral contacts - These oversized contacts sit on the sclera of the eye, not the cornea, which allows them to correct corneal irregularities such as keratoconus.
  • Silicone hydrogel contacts - These contacts retain moisture for users who suffer from dry eye.

The Right Contact Lenses for Your Unique Eyes

How do you know which of all these contact lens choices will work for your unique eyes? We can answer that question for you through a contact lens exam at Main Street Vision Care. In addition to measuring eyes with great care, we also evaluate your prescription strength, type of refractive error, and any underlying conditions that might call for specific solutions. We'll also talk to you about how you intend to integrate your contact lens use into your everyday life. Once we have all this information, we can fit you with the perfect contacts for your needs.

Get the Contact Lenses You Need in Longmont CO

Getting contact lenses doesn't have to be a confusing or frustrating experience. Call our Longmont CO optometry clinic at (303) 651-6700 to schedule vision testing and a contact lens exam. We've got the contacts you're looking for!

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