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Longmont Optometrist Explains Computer Vision Syndrome

In the modern workplace, almost all processes are done using computers. They have become part of our lives. Most jobs require that you stare at the computer screens for hours and this can cause eye strain. Adults are not the only people affected by computers because children who stare at their tablets and computer all day are also affected. If you are having problems with your vision, visit Main Street Vision Care in Longmont.

Woman suffering from computer vision syndromeWhat is Computer Vision?

Computer vision syndrome is a term used to refer to eye problems that result from repeated use of the computer. The term includes pain and strain. According to research over half of the people working at a computer screen show some symptoms of computer vision syndrome. You might be wondering how computers can affect your vision. Computer vision syndrome happens because your eyes follow the same path repeatedly. Your vision is affected more the longer the movement continues. When staring at the computer, your eyes have to focus and refocus the entire time. The eyes move as you read and as you look down when you type. These require plenty of effort from the eye muscles. Unlike reading paper, the computer screen ads contrast, glare and flicker. Computer vision syndrome is worse for people who already have eye problems or those who do not wear their prescription eyeglasses.

Why is Computer Vision Important?

Regular use of the computer can lead to discomfort and eyestrain. One might start having blurred vision, double vision, headaches and dry red eyes. If you do not have the problem under control, it affects not only your eyes but your work performance as well.

Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Below are a few things you can do to prevent the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Reduce the glare. You should change the position of the computer screen to avoid glare on the screen. If there is a window that casts a glare on the screen, consider closing the blinds. If the overhead lighting is too bright, install a dimmer switch. There is also the option of purchasing a glare filter.

Adjust the screen. The computer screen should be below eye level and about 25 inches away from your face. You can also adjust the settings on the computer. Adjusting the brightness, font size and contrast can help with your condition.

Take breaks in between your work schedule. After looking at the screen for 20 minutes take a 20 seconds break and keep blinking to keep the eyes moist.

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